Friday, August 7, 2009

Favorite Etsy Shop: Daisybones

First thing's first, here is the link to her page: and a link to her fanpage: http:/ . She also has a blog: and a Twitter page:

Heidi Richardson Evans works with a variety of different mediums. She's been working with digital art lately. You can see that reflected in the items for sale in her Etsy shop. I have a copy of her Yoni Prayer, which you can see here: and here is a small clip of part of the work (I don't want to show you too much here because I don't want to violate her copyright ; -) )

Her color choices are bold, and often beautiful-when the subject calls for it. I'm also very fond of her piece called "Labyrinth:"

Heidi's work is feminist, bold, reverent, sometimes dark, and always potent and meaningful. She commonly depicts themes of birthing, nursing and motherhood in terms we don't normally see. She is uncommonly talented at digging right to the heart (sometimes literally) of her subject and giving us a new way to look at what we think we already know.

Please check out her shop and drop her a tweet. She loves making new friends and meeting new, inspiring people.

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  1. Oh! I'd missed this. Thanks so much for the kind words. And you can always publish images of mine:)